On Job Hunting

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Since graduating from college, I’ve been surprised by how challenging it is to find a job. I’ve always had the idea in my mind that, if I went to school and worked hard, finding a job would be easy. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come so easily.

I’ve always wanted to be an English teacher. I began college as an English Education major, and my student teaching experience solidified my desire to teach. Day after day, I fell more and more in love with the profession. Not only did I love English and teaching, but I was good at it. It felt as if I had finally found where I belonged in this world.

Toward the end of my college career, I knew I would be moving to Ohio at the start of the school year. So, beginning in April, I began applying for nearly every teaching job I could find in the area I’d be moving to. Day after day, I was filling out applications, writing cover letters, emailing principals, and calling schools. Day after day, I received automated emails telling me another candidate was selected for a position. In the end, I applied for nearly 30 different teaching positions. Out of those countless applications, emails, and phone calls, I received two responses. Soon enough, months went by, August was approaching, and I still remained jobless.

Finally, one week before the school year began, I got lucky. I applied for a part-time position at an alternative school. Within one day, I applied, interviewed, and was offered the job. Then, I packed up my things and moved to Ohio five days later.

I never imagined finding a part-time job, much less a full-time job, could be so difficult. I’m so thankful to have obtained a teaching job at all, because, for a while, I feared I would have to start exploring alternate career options. I just hope and pray that, maybe next year, I’ll find a full-time position where I can explore my passions fully.


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