4 Ways to Overcome Your Crappy Job

Let’s face it: if you’re around my age, you can easily get stuck in a crappy position in life. Specifically speaking, you might end up accepting a job that you don’t truly enjoy; you simply took it because it makes ends meet.

Having a job that you don’t enjoy can be mentally and emotionally taxing. Don’t be afraid to search for something new! However, if you’re stuck in your position for a while (like me), here are four tips for overcoming your crappy job.4 ways to deal with a bad job



When you get home, grab a notebook and a pen and take a moment to write down everything that you’re feeling about your day at work. You don’t have to write pages; you could simply write a sentence. Writing down your negative thoughts will help you vent about them in a productive way.

I’ve started doing this recently because it seems like the topic of all of my conversations has been how much I dislike my job. I don’t want to waste all of my energy and time with John talking about something so negative. Therefore, journaling helps me release negative energy, thereby leaving room for positivity while I’m at home.


Focus on the good things.

One of the reasons you might dislike your job is because the bad things outweigh the good things. It will greatly help you feel happier in your position if you choose to focus on the good.

When you reflect on your day at work, in the sea of negative things that may have happened, find something that made you laugh or smile. Write about it or talk about it, and acknowledge that, no matter how small that moment may have been, it brought you joy. This will help you find some happiness in your job.


Embrace your hobbies.

Whether this includes writing, reading, fitness, or anything in between, make time to enjoy the activities that bring you the greatest sense of fulfillment.

If you don’t make time for yourself, life can become mundane. Embracing your hobby will not only create a separation between work and life, but it will allow you to find a moment of bliss in each day.


Find a new job.

Who says you can only have one job? Better yet, who says you have to remain stuck with the crappy job you already have? If you’re unhappy in your position, you always have the option to look elsewhere, to find something that fuels your passions and needs.

I recently picked up a second job at a bridal salon. I love weddings, and it’s nice to have a second job stimulates my interests. It’s like a breath of fresh air compared to my day job, and it provides me with a source of happiness in my work-life.



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