What to Register For When You Already Live With Your Significant Other

So, you’re getting married and it’s time to register for gifts. But, wait! You’ve already been living with your fiance for quite some time. It seems as if you already have everything you need. Sound familiar?

You’re exactly in my shoes! When it came time for my fiance and I to register for gifts, we had no idea what to ask for, because it felt as though we already had everything we needed. We ended up having to get creative. Today, I’m sharing with you a few things you could register for, even if you feel as though you have everything you need.
What to register for when you already have everything you need

1. Luggage Sets | Something that a lot of people need, but don’t think about until crunch time, is a luggage set. Personally, my luggage set is cheap and ragged; the wheels are falling off and the inner lining is tearing apart. My fiance and I travel a lot, so one of the first things we registered for was a new, decently priced suitcase for the two of us to share on our adventures (we’re light packers!).

2. Upgrade Old Appliances / Utensils | Registering is the perfect time to upgrade old appliances, especially kitchen ones. All of our kitchenware is from our college years (AKA when we were broke and purchased the cheapest stuff we could get by with). You might already have all the pots and pans and dishware you need, but is it really quality stuff?  Consider upgrading your old kitchenware for newer, better items. Your kitchen will thank you!

3. Indulge in Your Hobbies | If there are two things my fiance and I love, they are eating and drinking. So, we decided to register for some fun items that would help us better enjoy those hobbies. I, for one, registered us for a bunch of awesome cookbooks and an incredible recipe embosser. My fiance, on the other hand, registered for nice cocktail glasses to complete his set. Try registering for some things that will make your hobbies even more entertaining!

4. Honeymoon Fund | Lots of people forget to include the honeymoon in their wedding planning budget. That can be a huge cost! Instead of registering for gifts, ask that your guests make a donation toward your dream honeymoon. You could even use some of the money to buy postcards and stamps from your destination to use as thank you cards!

5. Gift Cards | If nothing else, there’s nothing wrong with asking for gift cards to a few key stores. That way, when you discover something that you two could use, you have the funds for it. You could also register for a “date night” by asking for gift cards to your guests’ favorite restaurants.


Any other ideas? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments or on Twitter @emwritesblog.



15 thoughts on “What to Register For When You Already Live With Your Significant Other

  1. Yes! I had this exact problem. We did Honeyfund, although a lot of people ended up getting us household appliances because it was “traditional.”


  2. Love this post! I always thought I was going to register a very few things but there are so many things it can be overwhelming. When you already live with your partner I guess it can be easier I love that you included hobbies they’re very important for a healthy relationship


  3. These are great ideas! My husband and I had lived together for about a year before we got hitched and we registered for fancy new appliances (hello, KitchenAid mixer!), lots of decorative serving-ware (because we love to entertain but didn’t want to splurge!), and randomly enough-board games. We had a fun mix of stuff and I loved it 🙂

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


  4. Yes, we went through this when we got married. We had lived separately in our own places and had everything. I will say you can NEVER have too many towels or sheets. So I would always suggest putting those on a registry! Haha. I feel like Military Husband uses 200 towels a week.
    The best part about places like Bed Bath and Beyond and Target is you can exchange all the stuff you receive and do not need for gift cards. Those gift cards come in handy!! 🙂


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