Spring Cleaning: Tips for Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Spring is quickly approaching, and that means spring cleaning! Now, I’ve never been one to “spring clean,” but I definitely have been one who needs some refreshment in her life after a long winter.

My favorite thing to refresh is my wardrobe; once springtime rolls around, I itch to add newer, lighter, more playful items to my closet. Even though it feels like I might not have anything to wear for the new season, my closet is pretty full. So, at the beginning of each season, I like to take an hour to declutter my wardrobe and start fresh. It can be a daunting task, but you can make it simple by asking yourself a few questions to help gain a refreshed closet in no time. Spring Cleaning: Tips for Decluttering Your Wardrobe | Spring is quickly approaching! Make room for new items in your closet by getting rid of old pieces. Check out this post with useful tips and questions to ask yourself when spring cleaning!
As you clean, sort your clothes into 3 piles: yes, no, and maybe. Ask yourself these questions as you go:

1. Does it fit my personal style? | Think about who you are and what you like; maybe even think of a celebrity whose style you’d hope to mirror. Are you boho or sporty? Classic or edgy? Maybe you’re a few! Our personal styles change and evolve over time. That being said, you probably own some clothing items that you once loved, but don’t bring you much excitement anymore. Get rid of them!

This spring, I’m getting rid of all of my loudly patterned clothing. My current style is very simple. I hope to add more olive green and cream tones to my wardrobe, while sticking to simpler patterns, like stripes.

2. Can I imagine 3 outfits I could wear it with? | If you’re stuck on whether or not to get rid of an item, try to imagine a few outfits that you could wear it with using what you already own. If it’s not a super versatile item, ditch it!

3. When is the last time I wore it? | Sometimes, I hang onto items for years, thinking to myself, “I’ll wear it again someday,” or “I might like this again when summer comes.” Guess what? It never happens. If you haven’t worn a specific item in 6-12 months chances are, you won’t wear it again. Find something better!

4. Is it in good condition? | Lots of times, we hang onto dirty, worn, and torn items for far too long because we can’t bear to throw them out. Check for pit stains, food stains, wear, and tear. If you any of the above, consider the clothing’s life well spent and move on.

5. Do I love it? | You should love every single item in your closet, because your wardrobe projects your personality. Don’t settle to wear things that aren’t you. If you pick out an item and it doesn’t make your heart sing, let it go! Work on curating a wardrobe that makes you feel happy and confident every day.


When you have your piles, donate or sell your no pile. As for your maybe pile, ask yourself how many stars (out of 5) you’d give each item. Get rid of any item that earns less than 4 stars. Then, have fun organizing your yes pile! Organize by color, style, or whatever else you might have in mind. Don’t forget to pack away out-of-season clothing!

There you have it! I’d love to know what you think of these tips, or if you have any other suggestions. Leave a comment or tell me on Twitter @emwritesblog!



11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Tips for Decluttering Your Wardrobe

  1. We just went through this! I’m actually great at getting rid of things (a bit of a minimalist), but getting my husband to narrow down the closet is a little harder! We have a 3×2 closet for both of us to share, so it’s pretty difficult! But, we went through the same steps above to clean it out!


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