25 Ways to Love Yourself

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you might have heard me throw around the term self-love. Self-love is the investment in one’s own happiness and well-being. Until a few months ago, I never understood the importance of fostering a positive relationship with myself.

Yoga is what really showed me what it means to love myself. When I can’t make it to a yoga class, I often practice at home by watching Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She, and other yoga instructors I’ve had, often refers to yoga as an act of self-love. By practicing, you are taking time out of your schedule to focus on nurturing yourself and giving your body what it is calling for.

After I developed an appreciation for self-love through yoga, I realized the other ways I can love myself every day. Today, I wanted to share some of those little ways with you in hope that you might find happiness in taking time for you.

It is of the utmost importance to take time to invest in yourself. Here are 25 simple ways you can show yourself love today.

1. Wake up earlier

2. Go on a walk around the block

3. Practice yoga

4. Give yourself a foot rub

5. Go on a run

6. Go to the gym

7. Treat yourself to something new

8. Have another Girl Scout cookie (or five)

9. Journal about something good

10. Meditate

11. Take a power nap. Or take a long nap.

12. Read a chapter in a new book

13. Drink your morning coffee outdoors

14. Cook up your favorite meal

15. Wear a bold lip

16. Do something spontaneous

17. Plan a weekend adventure somewhere new

18. Explore a new hobby

19. Order take out

20. Go makeup free

21. Book a massage

22. Get a mani/pedi

23. Buy yourself flowers

24. Reflect on the path to your dreams and goals

25. Take a step toward one of those dreams


How do you invest in yourself? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @emwritesblog!


17 thoughts on “25 Ways to Love Yourself

    1. I also like to clear my head before my fiance gets home. I sometimes get so hung up on something that happened at work, and that’s all I can talk about when he walks through the door. Going on a walk gives me some time alone with my thoughts and lets me think it out. Then, when my fiance gets home, I’m ready to spend time with HIM, not work.


  1. Excellent ideas. My self-love involves a bubble bath. Some days my husband can come home and immediately tell if I’ve had a stressful day. After we put the girls to bed I’ll make a bath and then binge on tv shows or read a book. That’s definitely my me time!


  2. I love every single one of these! I love myself by going to bed early, getting a massage once a month, and ordering takeout when cooking seems like too much trouble. Sometimes I also watch TV when I “should” be doing something else 🙂


  3. These are some awesome ideas! What I like to do is give myself a pamper night. I don’t like baths because our tub is very uncomfortable, so I like taking a nice shower, putting body butter on, and then giving myself a facial. It helps to relax me when I’m feeling stressed and need some me time


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