Instagram Accounts I Love

My absolute favorite social media platform is Instagram, hands down (follow me here!). I’ve always been a very visual person, and I have this underlying passion for photography that sneaks out of me every now and then. To me, Instagram is a creative outlet that doubles as a diary; it’s my favorite way to keep track of good memories.

I also love keeping up with other people on Instagram. It always interests me to see what other people are up to, what lives they lead. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite accounts to keep up with.


Marissa (@marissalace) posts photos of her soul-searching adventures, crystals, and home decor.


I love finding inspiration in Emily’s (@enh410) daily outfit posts.


There’s something satisfying about watching Lena (@lenaletters) pen words and phrases.


Rachel (@_ssblog) posts beautiful photos of her wardrobe. Use her hashtag #thesparklediaries!


Lauren’s (@the_laurenelizabeth) personal style matches mine perfectly.


Nadine’s (@nadinerebeccaxo) photos of city streets and her dog, Archie, keep me coming back.


My guilty pleasure hides in Ralph the Corgi’s (@ralphthecorgi) account. I’m a sucker for cute dog pics!


What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Keep up with me on Instagram!


4 thoughts on “Instagram Accounts I Love

  1. I love NEW LEAF WRITER and THE OPAQUE on instagram! I don’t know about you, but part of why I love instagram is creating my own consistent style and brand while being able to write super long captions πŸ™‚


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