Mother’s Day Gifts: 5 Experiences Your Mom Will Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time finding gifts for my mom. There are so many awesome gift guides online (like Rachel’s and Erin’s), but none of them speak to a mom like mine.

My mom isn’t into jewelry or makeup or clothes or home decor. She’s into one thing– her career. She is a nurse, so she lives in scrubs. She’s also a workaholic, so she’s never home. Finding gifts for her is so hard, because she doesn’t want/need anything!

I’ve decided that, this year, instead of getting my mom a material gift, I’m going to treat her to an experience. Here are a few ideas if you choose to do the same for your mom:

Treat your mom to a memorable experience this Mother's Day |

Spa Day | Lots of spas have various packages to choose from, so you’ll be able to personalize your mother’s visit to her liking! Some even provide delicious lunches. Treat your mom to a massage and facial– just the pampering session she needs!

Mani/Pedi | There’s something about having well-manicured nails that makes everything seem right in the world. Treat your mom to the gift of a foot rub and a fresh coat of polish.

Winery Tour | After putting up with you for so many years, your mom deserves a glass of wine. Let your mom spend a day among the rolling hills, grapevines, and sunshine.

Skydiving | If your mom is on the adventurous side, give her a gift she’ll never forget! Don’t forget to check for a photo/video package so she can watch her free fall from the sky.

Weekend Stay at a B&B | A weekend away can be so rejuvenating. Book a stay for your mom at a Bed & Breakfast in a neat town with lots to do (if you’re in Wisconsin, check out Door County!). She’ll be able to explore all weekend, while being treated to delicious meals every morning.

Do any of these ideas speak to your mom’s personality? What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? As always, let me know!


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gifts: 5 Experiences Your Mom Will Love

  1. What great ideas! I much prefer to give the gift of an experience versus giving a thing so this list is great. I love all of the ideas but my favorite has to be a spa day. I dream of a day at the spa!


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