Things I’m Grateful For This Week

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day and a perfect start to the weekend. Tonight, we’re heading to Iowa for the graduation/commissioning ceremony of one of our best friends. I’m so excited to return to my alma mater and spend time with some of my favorite people! There is so much to be grateful for today (and always). Here are some of the tops things on my list of gratitude:

What are you grateful for? |

Iowa. Corn, cows, the Cyclones, and my favorite people! I’m so happy to be spending the weekend there!

My silly, annoying, fun, angry, loving students. The relationship I have with my students is stronger than ever, and I’m finally having fun at work. More on that next week!

Iced Coffee. Because, some days, a cup of tea in the morning isn’t enough.

My Daily Mantras book. The daily mantras focus my mindset for the day and help me journal at night.

The sun. After a week of rain, I’m okay with the burnt cheeks I got during an outdoor lab today.

Tennis courts. John and I have been playing tennis every chance we get. It gets us outside and moving. Plus, we both have competitive spirits, so lots of bets are made (like who has to go inside for the carryout order or who has to cook the bacon for dinner).

The Lively Show. For keeping me mindful during my daily commute and beyond.

Jack’s Pizza. I have one cooking in the oven right now. Sometimes, you just need to treat one like a personal pizza.

What are you grateful for this week?


13 thoughts on “Things I’m Grateful For This Week

  1. What wonderful things to be grateful for! I love The Lively Show so much! In the afternoons while i’m in my car i’m either listening to that or Happy Hour with Jaime Lively lately. Have fun in Iowa! Happy Weekend!


  2. Great list of things to be grateful for! I love the burnt cheeks part and that’s awesome about the tennis!


  3. Have a great trip to Iowa! I am thankful for being able to go to Chicago this weekend to see my family for Mother’s Day. I am also thankful that I am on track to hit various blog goals I set for myself in the beginning of May.


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