Wedding Wednesday: Don’t Apologize for Your Choices

There are officially 31 days until the wedding! Wow! While I’m unbelievably excited for this day to finally come, I am also in the heat of wedding planning. Since we’re a month out, it’s crunch time, and the stress is unbelievable!

The other day, I was talking to a friend about the logistics of the day. Our ceremony and reception venues are an hour away from each other, and my friend was complaining to me about the long drive. She said she thought there must be some significance, but the simple truth is that we just really liked those venues.

At first, I felt the need to apologize. To say I was sorry for burdening my guests with such an inconvenience. But then, I wondered why I was apologizing for being happy, for hosting a milestone celebration at two beautiful venues that I love.

If there is one piece of advice I can give you when planning a wedding, it would be this: don't apologize for your choices. |

If there is one piece of advice I can give you about planning a wedding, it would be this: don’t feel sorry for any of the choices you make.

You will make hundreds of tough decisions during the process of planning your wedding. While you should be happy with the results of those decisions, not all people will be. In the past year, these are some of the questions that people have (unhappily) asked me about my wedding:

  • Why did this person get invited, but not this person?
  • Those are your colors?
  • Why did you choose that dress? You didn’t want to look elsewhere?
  • You’re using baby’s breath as your flowers?
  • That’s the color of the groomsmen’s ties?
  • Your reception is an hour away from your ceremony?
  • You’re staying at a motel/sports bar the night of your wedding?

My simple answer to all of those questions: yes. But why? It doesn’t matterFor whatever reason, I had to make a choice that I could sleep with at night. I made those choices because the results were what I wanted.

If you plan a wedding with other people’s wants and needs in mind, none of your own personality or values will shine through on your day. Of course, you should listen to the input of others–my family members have had some brilliant ideas that we’ve incorporated into our wedding. However, in the end, you should be certain that those decisions make you happy and reflect your essence.

So, don’t feel sorry for any decision you make about your wedding. Remember that it is more than just a party– it is a celebration of your love and the chance to tell the story of your journey as a couple. Let your essence shine through, and don’t let anyone dull your shine.

Have you felt the need to defend your choices? How did you handle the situation?


12 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Don’t Apologize for Your Choices

  1. haha, funny, I asked a girlfriend why she’d made a certain choice at her wedding and she said quite firmly “That’s none of your business”… yep!! that’s for sure, it’s none of my business 🙂

    An hour away? eeek, people will be late for your reception!

    Great post 🙂 don’t apologize for your choices, agreed.


  2. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! This is a great article! As a wedding planner, I hear brides struggle with this all the time. They agonize over whether another option would be better, even though they were in love with their initial decisions. It’s your wedding, so if something’s important to you then do it and never apologize!


  3. YES! I just got married in March and I started out the wedding planning process trying to get everyones two cents and opinions on everything. I finally realized that it wasn’t their wedding and it was up to me!


  4. Of course! People always question your choices in every part of life! Just wait until you get married and you and your partner decide to do something unconventional! I’ve learnt that it’s not so much how to respond to them, but more, how you let it affect you. It’s a state of mind. If you are happy, thats what counts. You will never please everybody! Have fun!


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