My Favorite Podcasts for Inspired and Mindful Living

I am in love with podcasts. It all started early this year when the radio became boring and I needed something to keep me awake during my daily commute. That’s when I discovered podcasts. I downloaded a few episodes (I use the Stitcher app) and started listening to them in the car, at the gym, and while doing chores at home.

Suddenly, I found myself immersed a new experience. No longer was I sitting around mindlessly; I began using my downtime to embrace new perspectives and even learn a thing or two. That’s why I love podcasts so much: they teach me new things and inspire me to do more with my life. Here are a few of my favorite ones to listen to weekly:

A few of my favorite inspiring podcasts. Perfect for creatives and entrepreneurs. |

1. The Lively Show | Jess Lively’s podcast is all about living a more intentional  and intuitive life. From lifestyle bloggers to wellness experts, she interviews a variety of creatives and entrepreneurs (both male and female!). This is one of my favorite podcasts for opening my eyes to new perspectives and lifestyles.

One of my favorite episodes (obviously) featured Liz Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic.

2. Elise Gets Crafty | Elise’s podcasts focuses on creative small businesses of all sorts. She has interviewed authors, weavers, photographers, bloggers, and more. I find it interesting to listen to the stories of how her guests discovered their passions and pursued their careers.

My favorite recent episode is called “On Doing the Side Hustle” with author Jenny Bravo. Bravo discusses how she wrote a novel while juggling a full time job, which is exactly the inspiration I needed to hear.

3.  Around the Table | This podcast is hosted by two friends, Jacey and Maggie. They get together weekly to discuss everyday topics like their best and worst jobs, popularity, and vulnerability. I love listening to them bounce ideas off of one another. Their conversations are quality ones that I would hope to have with my own best friends.

My favorite recent episode is called “Loving the age you are”, which reminded me that I should embrace the present and quit worrying about where I’ll be in the future (or where I was in the past). It was a much-needed reminder at this stage of my life.

4. She Percolates | Like Around the TableShe Percolates is a podcast hosted by friends, Jen and Danielle. Their content focuses on interviewing women around the world and discovering different meanings of success. If you’re an entrepreneur, or simply a motivated woman, you’ll love their weekly interviews.

My favorite episodes to listen to are their Friday Coffee Talks, where they discuss various lifestyle topics. Recently, an episode that caught my attention was called “Not Being Able to Do Everything”, which discussed how we need to accept help is we are going to achieve our goals.

5. The Wellness Wonderland | On her podcast, Katie Dalebout interviews guests who discuss topics from feminism, to food, to body-image, to hypnosis. What a wide range of topics! This is another podcasts that intrigues me because I learn so much about different walks of life and what makes others find more value in their lives.

A recent episode that I loved featured Melissa Ambrosini. She discussed her love for meditation and presence, and she had a beautiful new perspective on love which she learned from her relationship with her husband (they got engaged after 2 weeks of dating!). Melissa also discussed her book, Mastering Your Mean Girl, which talks about conquering your ego and embracing self-love.


I honestly adore each and every one of these podcasts. I listen to a few of them every day, and I’m always digging in the archives for more. I hope you find enjoyment in listening to these people and their stories. May they bring you inspiration and added intention!

What are your favorite podcasts? What topics interest you most?


10 thoughts on “My Favorite Podcasts for Inspired and Mindful Living

  1. I’m still a bit new to the world of podcasts, but I’ve found myself listening and enjoying them more and more. This is definitely a great list of recommendations! I’m very interested in “Elise Gets Crafty” as I’m looking to start my own creative small business and it sounds perfect in giving me some inspiration 🙂

    xx, Amanda


  2. I’ve been looking for some new podcasts. This is a great list. I keep hearing about Around The Table, so I’ll have to put that at the top of my list.


  3. You are so right, podcasts are a great way to keep learning! Never heard of any of these podcasters so thank you for sharing your list of favorites. Will need to check these out 🙂


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