What I’ve Been Reading

Between spending countless hours on the road and having a lot of free time at work, I got a lot of reading done in May. I read two books that I absolutely loved. They are both perfect reads for summer, whether you’re lounging poolside or sipping a cup of coffee on the patio.

Me Before You, a perfect summer read | www.emwritesblog.wordpress.com

Me Before You

I wanted to read this book before seeing the film adaption, because the trailers for the film make me so emotional! It is about a young woman who becomes a caretaker for a young quadriplegic man who lived a thrilling life before his accident. Her mission is to help him find happiness again. Naturally, they fall in love as time passes.

What I wasn’t expecting from this book was how dark it could turn. The move trailers make it seem like a live life to the fullest sort of story, which it certainly is; but the actual novel deals with some dark, controversial topics. It was a story that made me see different perspectives and gain a new understanding for people in the same situation as the male protagonist. The story didn’t end like you might expect it to, which I love in a good book.

Overall, I’d consider this a charming summer read, despite its topsy turvy mood.

A lesser known, but nevertheless, beautiful love story | www.emwritesblog.wordpress.com

The Bridges of Madison County

This book was a quick little read I picked up after falling in love with Jason Robert Brown’s musical, The Last Five Years (it’s on Netflix starring Anna Kendrick – check it out!). JRB also adapted Bridges into a musical, so I was interested in reading the story.

The novel explore an encounter between an Iowan farm wife and a world-traveling, philosophical photographer. The Robert is in town shooting for a piece on the bridges of Madison County Iowa, where he meets Francesca, whose husband and children are away at the state fair. They find themselves falling into a one-of-a-kind love affair that will become their heartbreaking secret, as they both realize that it cannot last.

What struck me most about this story of star-crossed lovers was the writing. It is reminiscent of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s descriptive and eye-opening way with words. It was lyrical and alluring. I found that, even though the story was not my typical cup of tea, I couldn’t help but want to keep reading just so that I could keep indulging in the book’s beautiful words.

It’s a quick love story that’s perfect for a lazy Sunday. If you love good writing, you’ll love this story.


I picked up a few more books for the month of June. Between all of my upcoming trips, I hope to have lots of spare time for page turning!

What have you been reading lately? Any recommendations?



9 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Reading

  1. Great picks!
    I remember watching the movie for Bridges of Madison County when I was younger (probably too young to be watching a movie about a love affair :P) and loving it. I’m sure the book is even better.
    Have been so tempted to read Me Before You since the trailer was released, but I’m scared it’s going to be a total tearjerker! Louisa looks like such a quirky character.


  2. I was surprised when I saw the trailer for Me Before You also, because I had looked into picking this book for book club and it seemed like pretty heavy material. I haven’t had the guts to read it yet but the movie makes me want to! Have you ever seen the Movie “Bridges of Madison County?” Very popular. I actually didn’t even know it was a book first (but it figures)!


  3. I’ve been dying to read Me Before You, and actually just selected it for a summer reading challenge. I’m hoping to read the book before the movie too! And I’ve never heard of the Bridges of Madison County but it sounds like a great read too!


  4. The Bridges of Madison County is one of my absolute favourite books. Jason Robert Brown composes stunning music. Putting them together in the musical is just heavenly, in my humble opinion.
    Thanks for the recommendation of Me Before You ……. on my list 😄


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