10 Ways to Share Kindness Today

Yesterday, I had the most beautiful afternoon. I headed to the 2nd Street Market, here in Dayton, on a mission to purchase a new bottle of olive oil for a homemade pizza dough.

While I was there, I got distracted by the sights and smells of different food stands, from Mediterranean cuisine to French desserts. I decided to treat myself to a crepe from Crepe Boheme. It was called the White Russian, made with white chocolate, raspberries, and cinnamon. My goodness, was it delicious! Such a delightful treat!


Right across from the crepe stand was a flower stand. Naturally, while waiting for my crepe, I perused the stand. After eating my treat, I went back and picked a bunch of sunflowers to brighten up the home. When I was checking out, I had a nice chat with the vendor about Independence Day weekend. When he was all finished wrapping my flowers, he placed a single red rose within my bunch of bright yellow sunflowers.

“And here – a rose for you,” he said. “I hope you have a wonderful day.”

Such a small gesture that completely brightened my day! It made me smile, it made me laugh, and it, quite literally, made me stop and smell the roses for a moment. Having someone treat me with such kindness yesterday made me remember how important it is to treat others with the same kindness as often as possible.


Inspired by yesterday’s events, today, I’m sharing a few ways we can all be a little kinder.

Share a smile with a passing stranger

Hold the door for someone

Pay if forward at your favorite coffee spot

Do something with a friend that they enjoy

Wish someone well

Share gratitude with a loved one

Bring treats to share at the office

Take care of a chore that your roommate hates to do

Give someone a compliment

Say thank you


I hope you have a wonderful day and a relaxing, safe 4th of July weekend! 

What are ways you like to share a little kindness?


4 thoughts on “10 Ways to Share Kindness Today

  1. What a beautiful and simple reminder to remember to give instead of expecting to get. Your afternoon sounded lovely. It’s the little things that make life so precious. Thanks for sharing!


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